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Air Bubble Rescue Squad
Arcade-type game for Android devices
  • In Air Bubble Rescue Squad your task is to select the right fish on the side to tap at the right moment.
  • When tapped, the fish will blow the middle fish either left or right so she swims over the oxygen bubbles.
  • Don’t let her run out of oxygen as she ascends to the top.

  • Play 100 colourful and challenging levels.
  • Swim over every single oxygen bubble to get gold.
  • Avoid swimming over the obstacles.
  • You can restart a level as often as you like.

  • Get gold by swimming over every bubble.
  • Choose casual or expert mode:
    • In expert mode, the fish in the middle swims faster.
    • You can switch between expert and casual mode and continue the game from where you left off.
  • It's reasonably easy to pass a level, but not to get gold.

  • Always keep the next bubble in mind, don't strongly blow the fish to one side if you won't get her back to the other side in time.
  • Play strategically - sometimes going over an obstacle is a better choice than avoiding it - other times it can be fatal.
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.


  • The fish were originally created by Janette.
  • The shells and other obstacles are modified rendered graphics.
  • The original 3D object used in the renders were created by a variety of other people, who retain the copyright in their 3D objects.

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