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Timid Toon Monsters
Time management game for Android devices
In Timid Toon Monsters your goal is to recreate the orders as shown.
To make it easier to play on small screens, only the orders are shown, not the customers.

  • There are 50 levels and they alternate between moving and still images.
  • Every 2nd level adds a new monster to the mix.
  • The orders are randomly generated and will be different every time you play.
  • Every monster you need will appear, but it might be only a brief appearance.

How to play:

  • Match the orders by tapping the right monster when it appears.
  • Then tap the slot on the tray opposite the order to place it.  
  • Repeat until the orders are complete.

  • The game is easy to pass - the challenge is to get gold.
  • Mix and match the settings to make it easier or harder: choose timed, untimed, casual or expert.
  • The monster images move faster in expert mode and change more often.
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

This is a 2D game using rendered images of 3D objects, rendered in Poser.
The toon monsters are renders of a character created by 3D Universe who retain the copyright in their 3D object and related content.

Created using Magix-Music software.

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