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Pizza Toppings Drop
Time management game for Android devices
Pizza Toppings Drop is a time management game for Android devices.
To make the game easier to play on small screens, only the orders are shown, not the customers.
  • Match the orders shown at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the pizza bases at the bottom of the screen when the correct food launcher (topping) is above it. The topping will drop and land on the pizza.
  • Original game play.
  • The orders are randomly generated - they’ll be different each time you play.
  • 25 levels with 5 waves each level.
    • Each wave adds a pizza.
    • Each level adds a topping.
  • Get each topping perfect for gold.
  • Replay a level as often as you like.

To pass a level:

  • Each pizza must have a topping on, and
  • a certain number of toppings must be correct (based on your level of difficulty).

Extra features:

  • Use the Speed Up button if you’re waiting for a topping to appear.
  • Earn wild toppings to use in place of any other topping - very useful when you’re about to run out of rounds.

Three levels of difficulty that determine the speed and spacing of the launchers and the number of rounds:

  • Slow: very slow with lots of rounds for a relaxed game.
  • Medium: reasonable pace.
  • Fast: you have to be quick and accurate.

Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.


  • These toppings were also used in the backgrounds and promotional images.
  • The smiley (emoti guy) is a rendered image of a 3D object created by 3D Universe / Daz Studio
  • All other objects were created by Janette.

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