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Action / arcade-type game for Windows PC and Android devices
(The Android and Windows versions are sold separately.)
Free demo for you to try before you buy
In Pizzantropia your task is to catch the falling pizzas before they land on the ground. Mom will throw down bonus items to help you. Dad will throw down obstacles.


  • Free demo version for you to try before you buy.
  • 4 themes and 80 levels.
  • Play normal, bonus, pizza frenzy and mom-dad levels.
  • Potions will protect you, add lives, speed you up etc.
  • Obstacles will reduce your score, take lives, slow you down etc.
  • Complete optional bonus tasks and find hidden secrets to earn coins and achievements.
  • Use your earned coins to purchase characters or themes in the shop.
  • Try to earn all the achievements.
  • Beat the developers’ high-scores to get on the high-score table.
  • 8 characters to play with.
  • 7 of the characters have their own special powers that can be activated every 45 seconds that will help you a lot.
  • Keyboard controls use A & D or arrow keys. All other commands have a choice of keys to use.
  • Playing all the themes once will take you just over 5 hours. If you play every theme with every characters this game will take you more than 40 hours to complete.
  • Objects thrown are randomly generated, you’ll never have the same game twice.

  • Each theme starts off gradually with only a few open windows. With every level more windows are opened and the game becomes more difficult.
  • The special characters can make the game easier or more difficult because of their sizes and their special powers.
  • The themes, once unlocked, can be played in any order with any character.
  • Some strategy required - it’s not just running up and down.
  • Because of the random and chance elements in the game it’s possible to have a lucky or an unlucky level (but you can restart the level as often as you like).

Created and developed by Janette, John Paul and José Sepi. Programmed by Janette. Translated into Spanish by John Paul.

This game is based on the comic strip, My son is a Dog by José Sepi and like the comic strip is in English and Spanish. All the drawings were done by José Sepi.

System Requirements - PC version
Display resolution is 1280 x 720 for Android devices and 1920 x 1080 for Windows PC versions.
Tested on Windows 10.

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