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Undersea Confusion
Tap the fish to warn them they'll be eaten
Free game for Android devices
Undersea Confusion is a fast-tap game. Tap the sea creatures before they reach the whale (or shark).

35 Levels
  • 35 levels
  • 3 themes - plain, dark and pastel
  • 2 main characters - whale and shark

  • Play casual or expert and switch between them at any stage.
  • In casual mode the characters move slower.
  • The game is sped up if you choose to play with the shark character (shark + expert mode = challenging game).

  • The objective is to survive for as long as possible and earn a high score.
  • The starfish act as in-game money - to earn a starfish don't tap it, let the whale or shark eat it.
  • Unlock features with starfish (the game is free - you can only unlock themes and the shark using the starfish you earn on every level).
  • All instructions and displays are in English and Spanish.
Game development and programming:  
Created and programmed by Janette, contributing game ideas: John Paul & José Sépi.

Illustrations were created and drawn by José Sépi
Copyright José Sépi August 2018

Translations by John Paul.

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