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Petal Puzzler
Memory and logic game for Windows PC
Petal Puzzler is a puzzle game with five different petal-themed logic and memory puzzles.

350 levels:

  • Petal Moves - 90 levels
  • Flower Match - 30 levels
  • Petal Match - 90 levels
  • Logical Petal - 50 levels
  • Petal Swap - 90 levels

You can play the games in any order and switch between them at will.

You can choose to play the game timed or without a timer.

  • In Petal Moves and Petal Swap there's a guide colour in the centre of the flower.
  • In the memory and logic games, the flower is ticked when it is correct.

  • You have less time for everything (if you play timed).
  • There is no guide colour in Petal Moves and Petal Swap.
  • Flowers are not ticked when they are correct.
  • If all the flowers are correct the level will end.

Petal Moves
  • Petal Moves is a puzzle game.
  • Move the petals so that each flower has the same colour petals.  
  • You can only exchange petals of the same angle with each other.
  • Exchange petals in the least amount of moves for gold.

Flower Match
  • Flower Match is a memory game.
  • The flowers appear briefly on screen. You need to memorise the order of the colours and then recreate them.

Petal Match
  • Petal Match is a memory and logic game.
  • The petals are placed in a certain pattern.
  • Work out the pattern and memorise the colours used.
  • Once the pattern disappears recreate the flowers exactly as they were.

Logical Petal
  • Logical Petal is a puzzle and logic game.
  • The petals are arranged in a certain pattern, but some are missing (grey).
  • Colour the grey petals to complete the pattern.

Petal Swap
  • Petal Swap is a puzzle game (similar to Petal Moves).
  • Swap the petals so that each flower has the same colour petals.  
  • You can swap any two petals regardless of their angles.
  • Match the petals in the least amount of swaps for gold.
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

  • The petals and backgrounds were created by me, however, in doing so I used a variety of merchant resources, brushes, sparkles and accessories created by other people.
  • These items as well as many free items are available at Renderosity
  • Textures for the petals in Petal Swap & Petal Moves: Product Title: Digital Patterns - Retro Author: Atenais (Liudmila Metaeva)
  • Butterflies (glo-flies): Product Title: Glo-Flies Brushes by mystikel  Author: mystikel (Kelly Thompson)

System Requirements - PC version
  • Tested and working in Windows XP and 10
  • The game is written in the resolution 1920 x 1080.
  • The game is set to stretch to fit your monitor - there won't be a significant difference playing this game in window or full screen mode.
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