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Underground Ant Cafe
Time management game for Android devices
In Underground Ant Cafe, your task is to mix colourful drinks using only the 3 primary colours, and serve them to the ants.
Your main goal is to serve the drinks and earn goodwill points (that's what the Underground Ant Café uses instead of money).

  • The drinks start off with 1 drop of colour and increase to 3 drops of colour.
  • The drops come in the 3 primary colours, red, yellow and blue.
  • Add the correct drops (in any order) to make the drink that the ant has ordered.

Earn goodwill points and exchange them for snacks, entertainers or upgrades in the shop.
  • When snacks are available, ants will order them with their drinks.
  • The entertainer will increase the customers' patience and work for one day only.
  • Buy more drink stands to increase the amount of glasses waiting to be filled.
  • Buy more plates - you can place ready-made drinks or snacks on the plates.
  • Upgrade the drink dispensers to hold 2 or 3 drops.
  • Snacks and the entertainer are used on the next level you play - whether that's the next level in sequence or replaying a different level.
  • Plates, drink stands and dispenser upgrades will last you throughout the game.  

Mix and match your settings as you prefer:

Casual Mode:  
  • Guide dots will show you which colours to choose.
  • Ants will wait longer.

Expert Mode:
  • No guide dots.
  • Ants are less patient.
  • Drink dispensers move slightly faster.

Timed Mode:  
  • Ants are impatient and will leave if they don't receive their order in time.  This will result in a loss of goodwill.
  • The ants will take the drinks / snacks already delivered with them.
  • You receive extra goodwill points based on how happy the ant is if she leaves with her full order.  

Untimed Mode:  
  • Ants will stay until they receive the order.
  • A fixed amount of goodwill points are added to each order (so you have points to spend on upgrades).
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

  • This is a 2D game using rendered images of 3D objects.  Everything was rendered in Poser.
  • All the characters were created by 3D artists who retain the copyright in their 3D objects.
  • Final dance routine animation by Smith Micro (Poser).

Music created using Magix Music Maker

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