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Petal Puzzler Shapes
Petal-themed memory and logic game for Android devices
Petal Puzzler Shapes is a casual game using flower petals as game objects.

There are 5 games that are played in turn. (An indicator shows which game is active at the bottom of the screen).

  • Petal Move: Move the petals from one flower to another so every flower has only one shape petal.
  • Petal Memory:  Memorise the flowers - press GO - recreate them.
  • Petal Pattern / Logic:  Complete the pattern with the given petals.
  • Petal Swap:  Swap 2 petals so every flower has only one shape petal.  
  • Petal Order: Memorise the petals - press GO - recreate them.

250 Levels
  • 50 Levels of each of the games (x 5 games = 250 levels)

Casual Mode:
  • There are no time or move limits
  • You can't fail a level because you can just keep trying the petals until you find the right ones.
  • In the memory games the screen only changes when you tap the GO button.

Expert mode:
  • The level is timed and the GO button will also be activated after a while in the memory games.
  • If you run out of time you have to replay the level.

Gold: Have 1 move left.
Silver: Have 0 moves left.
Pass: Unlimited moves (the flowers must be correct).

In-app Purchase
  • The first 50 levels are free with no limits.
  • To unlock the additional 200 levels costs US $1.99 (one-off).
Game development and programming:
Designed, created and programmed by Janette.

The graphics was originally created by me, however, the flowers used on the level ending and pause banners are a graphic resource.

Artist: Jarno Salo
Song: Yer a wizard Larry
Album: 3rd Law of Potion Soundtrack
Composed by Jarno Salo
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