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A Quick Spooky Quest
Fast-paced Halloween-themed hidden object game for Android devices
In Quick Spooky Quest your task is to match the ever-changing pictures.
The game's interface is in English and Russian. Choose your language preference from the opening screen.

Match the ever-changing pictures.

  • 100 different levels, lots of variety.

Four games:
  • Find the picture on any shape.
  • Find the picture only if it's on a specific shape.
  • Find the identical circle.
  • Find the identical cat.

There are 3 levels of difficulty which determine:

  • How fast the tiles change;
  • How many matches you must make to pass the level;
  • How many mistakes you’re allowed.
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

In creating the graphics I used images & backgrounds made by the following people, who retain their copyright in their original works:

  • Happy Halloween: Atenais (Liudmila Metaeva)
  • Halloween - Mini Pack: SorayaShams aka P. Majid
  • Halloween Eve Backgrounds: Susan McKivergan
  • 25 Cat Silhouette Brushes: Margy
  • Flux2: DesignFera

The music is a combination of tracks created by these people:

  • Solid Flex © 2008 by Even V Røssland
  • Best of Atmospheres 1 + 2

Russian translation provided by Irina Nesterenko.
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