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Playful Cuddly Companions
Hidden object / Puzzle game for Android devices
Playful Cuddly Companions is a 3D puzzle and hidden-object game.

There’s a short story in a form of animal conversations before each hidden object level that can be turned off from the settings menu.
75 Levels
  • Hidden Object - 25 levels: The animals are hiding. Find a specific animal (as shown in the picture), and not the others.  
  • Guide the Animals - 25 levels: Place the X strategically to set the animal's course so it will pick 3 flowers and not bump into any of the other animals.
  • Stop the Animals - 25 levels:  The animals walk up and down.  Stop them from bumping into each other by placing food in their way to keep them still for a few seconds.


Hidden Object:

  • You're allowed more hints and mistakes (tapping the wrong animal) in casual mode than in expert mode.
  • Clicking the scenery is fine.
  • Playful Cuddly Companions hidden objects levels are quick and reasonably easy.
  • Get gold by not making any mistakes (tapping the wrong animal).

Path Levels:

  • Choose your angles carefully so that the animals don’t bump into each other.
  • Casual Mode: Collect an average of 2 flowers per animal to get gold (that’s reasonably easy to do).
  • Expert mode: Each animal must collect 3 flowers (it could take a few tries to work out all the routes).  

Stop the Animals:

  • This is a fast-paced game of strategy.
  • Watch carefully as the animals reach the intersections and stop them at the right time (stop them too often and you’ll run out of food, don’t stop them in time and you have to restart the level).
  • The strategy is deciding which animal to stop (based on the food stocks you have) and when to stop them.

Replay / restart a level as often as you like.

In-app purchase
  • The first 9 levels are free (3 of each type of game). To play the remaining levels costs US $2.49 (one-off).
Game development and programming:
Created and programmed by Janette.

Some of the graphics were originally made by me, but most I obtained from the Unity Asset Store:

  • Deko - Cute Chubby Pets
  • Sinestesia Studio - The cool Lowpoly Cartoon Nature Props
  • Unity Technologies - 3D game Kit
  • Holotna - RPG Food and Drinks Pack
  • Ada_King - Free Trees
  • Piopis - Cartoony Spruces
  • Aurynsky - Simple Gems

Music by Tim Beek

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