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Trinkette's Enchanted Journey
Story-rich, fantasy time-management game (under development)
Play a demo of one day in Trinkette's life on
For practical purposes, the demo is published as a browser game,
so the characters walk too slow, and the close button won't work.
The game-save features are disabled in the browser game.
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Trinkette's Enchanted Journey is a hybrid game and will include:

  • Puzzle levels
  • Tycoon features
  • Time-management levels
  • Hidden-object levels


Meet Trinkette, a tiny elf, smaller than a mushroom, that has left home and is looking for somewhere she belongs.

Each day starts with a short story segment.  Trinkette never stays in one place too long and she meets many interesting people along the way.

Time-management and tycoon elements:
  • Every day starts with a forecast.
  • Trinkette must decide which goods to sell and what their prices should be based on the forecast.
  • In the day Trinkette sells the goods she makes until dusk or until all the goods are sold, whichever happens first.
  • Not all the customers will buy something, and they all have their preferences.  They don’t all pay the same amount either.
  • You, playing as Trinkette, can choose which product to offer to which customer.
  • It’s your choice to sell them all as soon as possible or to play a game of chance and hold out for the big tippers.
  • Earn gold by earning the target score.
Hidden-object levels:
  • Before it’s dark Trinkette forages for more goods to make products from.
  • She collects berries, mushrooms and other items.
  • Sometimes she’s looking for only 1 type of berry, sometimes she’s looking for many.
  • Earn gold by collecting all the berries.
Puzzle and tycoon elements:
  • Once Trinkette has gathered supplies she will again see a forecast for the next day to help her decide which items to make.
  • Later she will also decide how to spend her money and if she wants to buy upgrades.
  • Based on the forecast, Trinkette must choose the best items to make.  There are a variety of items that she can make.
  • Earn gold by choosing the right items.

Patreon campaign
  • Help shape the game and make decisions by becoming a Patreon contributor.
  • In return, you'll receive the game for free.
  • There are more benefits too - see Patreon.

The video and screenshots are of a prototype

The graphics and video are to give you an idea of what the game is about.
The graphics will change as the game is developed.
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