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Update on Trinkette’s Enchanted Journey - October 2023

While the graphics and effects are stalled for the moment, the story is complete, and the programming is continuing.

In version 1 you follow Trinkette’s journey for 60 days starting in the Dark Forest, moving on to the crossroads in Trinketteville, and ending at the market stall in Trinketteville.

Each of the 60 days consist of:

  • A short story-segment,
  • A sales level (time-management and tycoon),
  • A resource-collection level (hidden object),
  • A puzzle game where you make items.


  • 20 unique time-management levels (see the demo and video) with a single row of customers.
  • 20 unique time-management levels at a crossroads with customers coming from multiple directions.
  • 20 first-person time-management levels where you serve customers at the market stall.

  • 60 hidden object levels with 20 unique backgrounds and different objects to find each time.

  • 18 puzzle games where you assemble the products to sell – 6 products for each location.

  • Optional upgrades to entice customers to buy more.

  • Choices like whether Trinkette hires a room for the night, or sleeps outside (it's safe to sleep outside, but the room gives her more time to make items because it has a lamp).

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