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Trinkette's Enchanted Journey FAQ

Want to know more about Trinkette's Enchanted Journey? Here are some answers:

What made you decide on Trinkette's Enchanted Journey?
I've always enjoyed playing time management games, especially the earlier versions of the Delicious series (Emily) – before all the annoying mini games.

And I've always loved fantasy games with fairies, elves, dragons and other fantasy characters.   
I combined the features I enjoy to create a story-rich, hybrid, time-management game.

Why is Trinkette's Enchanted Journey a hybrid game?
Trinkette's Enchanted Journey is a hybrid game because it will have elements of role-playing, puzzle, hidden-object, tycoon and time-management games.
Trinkette must

  • forage for items to sell (hidden-object),
  • transform the items into saleable products (time-management and puzzle),
  • sell the products (time-management), and
  • decide on upgrades and how else to spend her money (role-playing and tycoon).
What makes Trinkette's Enchanted Journey unique?
With a conventional time-management game, customers automatically appear and buy things. At the end of the day, you get a fixed amount for upgrades.

But Trinkette's Enchanted Journey will be different:

  • You get a forecast and choose which items to find and make based on the forecast.
  • Customers won't automatically appear – passersby will.
  • You must persuade a passerby to buy an item by showing them something they'll want, and consider how likely they are to buy, and what price they'll offer.
  • There will also be some conventional time-management levels.
You'll also decide how Trinkette spends her money. For example:

  • Trinkette can hire a room for the night and that gives her more time to make items for resale,
  • Or she can sleep outside (it's safe, she's an elf) and save the money.
The game will focus on choices and strategy that impact the game and perhaps the series. (I'm considering a feature where you can start the next version fresh or continue from where you left off in the previous game.)
When will the game be finished?
That depends:

  • If I get funding, I'll have more time to spend on the game and I can hire more people. In this case the game might be complete by the end of 2023.
  • Without funding, I have less time to spend on the game, and less money to hire others to work on the game, so it might take until the end of 2024.
Will the game be made if you receive no funding?
Probably, many elements are already finished:
  • The planning is done;
  • A lot of the programming was done to create the prototype;
  • All the story outlines, and character specifications are written.
But the game will probably have more store-bought assets, and fewer features because I have limited resources.
(Store-bought assets are those that game developers can buy or freely download and include in their games, so they won't be unique to Trinkette's Enchanted Journey.)
I can't afford the monthly contribution on Patreon, how can I help?
If paying a monthly subscription on Patreon isn't right for you, then you can help fund this game by playing my existing games – even the free ones.

The more my games are played, the higher they'll rank in the store they're downloaded from. And a higher ranking increases my brand's visibility. With increased visibility, it's possible that more people will buy my games, and this in turn will give me more funds to develop Trinkette's Enchanted Journey.

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